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As Americans, we will always fight for liberty. At The Law Office of Eric R. Little, Ivy League-educated attorney Eric R. Little relentlessly upholds your constitutional rights and passionately protects your best interests when you are contending with family law, child custody, local and international child abduction, real estate or criminal law matters.

Successfully Fighting And Winning For Clients In Texas For More Than Two Decades

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Family Law

Child Custody And Modifications

Child Abduction

Domestic Violence

Criminal Law

Texas Real Estate Law

A Relentless Attorney With Extensive Courtroom Experience

With over 20 years of experience in trial law and litigation, Eric R. Little has tried numerous cases to verdict with a highly successful track record. Focusing on criminal defense, family law and child custody, and real estate matters, Mr. Little has the knowledge you need. He will apply his insight and detailed approach to your case. He combines an in-depth evaluation of your circumstances, with a thorough investigation and research to draft a winning strategy. While your results are not guaranteed, you can count on Mr. Little’s experience to protect your best interests. In complex and high-stakes cases, Mr. Little deploys extensive resources including high tech, qualified experts and legal analysis to build your case. In the courtroom, Mr. Little has a well-respected reputation for his method of applying diplomacy, credibility, tenacity and courage to advocate your cause.

Sensitive To Your Financial Circumstances

An Appellate Attorney Who Will Champion Your Cause

If your trial has resulted in the wrong outcome, in most cases you have the right to appeal. An erroneous verdict can result in a miscarriage of justice with serious and unfair consequences for the client. Mr. Little has written and argued successful appeals in the Texas and Federal 5th Circuit appellate courts, in some cases resulting in clarification of existing law.

Mr. Little has successfully appealed from flawed judgments and defended against appeals, resulting in favorable published opinions. Known for his legal research, persuasive writing and oral argument, Mr. Little sets an extremely high standard for appellate research and writing. In both civil and criminal appeals, Mr. Little applies extensive research, in-depth legal analysis and a broad knowledge base to champion the client’s cause in the courts of appeals.

Notable Case Victories

Conviction Reversed And Defendant Exonerated By Court Of Appeals Based On Trial Court Record Developed By Attorney Eric R. Little

Notable Case Victories

Judgment Of Child Support Reversed By Court Of Appeals In Agreement With Appeal Written And Argued By Attorney Eric R. Little

Notable Case Victories

Attorney Eric R. Little Won Case For Client At Trial And Prevailed On Appeal

Notable Case Victories

Attorney Eric R. Little Prevailed On Appeal For Client And Opinion Established Texas Precedent Regarding Due Process In Civil Real Estate Partition Cases

Attorney Eric R. Little sets high standards. He is a passionate lawyer dedicated to upholding state and federal laws, and constitutional law.