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Protecting Your Investment And Real Estate

Selling or buying real estate and all related transactions are complex legal matters. It might also represent the most significant investment an individual or company could make in their lifetime. Therefore, it is vital to have the sound and professional legal advice of a real estate attorney to protect your interests, finances and rights.

For over 20 years, attorney Eric R. Little has successfully assisted individuals and businesses in completing real estate transactions. Whether your legal issue involves multiple properties among other intricacies, Mr. Little is well-positioned to help.

Dedicated And Creative Legal Services In Texas

The Law Office of Eric R. Little in Bacliff has a wide range of legal services involving real estate to protect and maximize the benefits of your transaction. Mr. Little is a tenacious and experienced lawyer who will make every reasonable effort to represent your best interests. His goal is to help you make the most of your real estate investment while delivering creative workarounds in every step of the process.

The services provided at The Law Office of Eric R. Little include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Foreclosure process
  • Boundary disputes
  • Purchase and sale transactions, including private sales
  • Landlord-tenant matters
  • Nuisance abatement actions

Mr. Little will help your review all documents related to your real estate transaction. From title search to closing, you have an experienced lawyer to draft and review all the legal documents required and advocate for your best interests.

Helping Landowners With Cloud On Title Claims

Another issue that may severely affect a real estate transaction is title clouds. For example, a cloud could originate after a mechanic’s lien was placed in the property title due to construction issues related to payments. If you discover a cloud defect after a title search, the possibility of selling your property will greatly decrease.

A cloud on title claim does not have to be proven in court to be enforceable. It should rather seem valid or plausible. In order to protect your investment, Mr. Little can help your remove cloud defects through the appropriate means such as a quiet title action. However, it is vital to discuss your legal needs in detail to personalize a legal solution. Learn about other services provided at The Law Office of Eric R. Little by contacting us today.

Take Advantage Of Your Real Estate Investment

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