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Experienced, Ethical And Zealous Protection In Family Law Matters

Family law matters might be emotional and difficult due to the many areas involved and the loved ones affected in an individual’s life such as children, finances and assets. What is more, negotiations around legal issues should be made when the main parties might not be willing to listen to each other.

Attorney Little has provided legal counsel and advocacy in various areas of family law for over 20 years. At his firm The Law Office of Eric R. Little in Bacliff, he strives to provide accurate strategies to contribute to a favorable resolution of his clients’ legal issues to move forward. Even though some family issues can be solved through negotiation, Mr. Little is also ready to protect the rights of his clients and their children in court.

Responsive Legal Guidance To Solve Your Legal Issues

Mr. Little provides personalized legal counsel focused on providing straightforward solutions to families. He is a highly skilled and aggressive lawyer. He is also a passionate fighter for the rights and welfare of children.

The portfolio of services of Mr. Little includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Divorce: Detail-oriented legal guidance through high-asset and uncontested divorces, change of name and other relevant issues.
  • Child custody and modification matters: Experienced and practical legal assistance in conservatorship matters and further modification according to the child’s best interests.
  • Collaborative family law: Effective legal counsel to work on resolutions of mutual agreement.
  • Child abduction cases: Unique legal representation services at local, national and international levels at both civil and criminal instances. Mr. Little is one of the few lawyers in Texas to work on such types of cases.
  • Termination and adoption: Compassionate and assertive legal advocacy through the complications implicit in the termination of parental rights and adoption actions.
  • Domestic violence issues: Knowledgeable legal representation to protect your loved ones and your rights. Mr. Little also provides seasoned legal advocacy for individuals facing charges of domestic violence.

Mr. Little helps individuals navigate their legal issues and find solutions. His goal is to protect their best interests and the children involved through a common-sense approach. Discuss your concerns with Mr. Little and make informed decisions knowing your rights and alternatives.

Helping You Make Decisions Through Emotional Times

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