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Nothing could feel more terrifying than knowing that your child has been kidnapped. Texas has an alarmingly high rate of child abductions. Most of these involve people related to the child such as their mother, father, stepparent or grandparent.

In this terrifying scenario, attorney Eric R. Little is the help you need. The founder of The Law Office of Eric R. Little, he is one of the few attorneys in the Galveston County area who handles child kidnapping cases at the local, state, federal and international levels.

There is no area of child abduction law that he does not understand thoroughly. He can assist you with any and all issues you face, including those triggered by:

  • The Uniform Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
  • The Hague Convention
  • Texas Penal Code 25.03 – Interference with Child Custody
  • Custody order enforcement
  • Emergency court orders

Mr. Little provides honest answers – even if the news is not good. If you do not understand an aspect of the law, he will explain it to you frankly. From investigating your child’s whereabouts to working with the court system, he will be at your side until your child is home safely.

When Loving Family Members Face Abduction Charges

Many parents do not realize that it is against the law to relocate out-of-state with a child unless they have a court order. Sometimes, a grandparent might take their grandchild on an out-of-state vacation only to return and face felony charges. Whatever your circumstances, if you find yourself facing criminal charges involving child abduction you must act immediately to protect yourself.

Mr. Little also practices criminal defense. His rare combination of criminal law and family law experience plus knowledge of child abduction law makes him a crucial ally in your fight against the justice system.

Get Help – Bring Your Child Home

There is absolutely no time to lose. Mr. Little will jump into action immediately when you contact him at his Bacliff office. To contact him to set up an initial consultation, call 888-404-0777 or send him an email.