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Protecting Your Rights In Situations Involving Domestic Abuse

People who have suffered domestic violence from a romantic partner or other family member have an ally in Eric R. Little. At his law firm, The Law Office of Eric R. Little, he represents clients who have survived terrifying incidents of abuse. As a practical yet compassionate attorney, he can help you navigate the court system to protect you from your abuser.

He also understands that miscommunication and misunderstanding can sometimes escalate into allegations of domestic violence. As a seasoned defense attorney, he can also help you if someone has accused you of domestic violence. If you have children, he can help you avoid losing custody of them due to abuse accusations.

What Does Texas Consider As Domestic Violence?

The Texas Penal Code defines domestic violence as a physical attack against a relative, member of the household, current romantic partner or past romantic partner. Domestic violence includes:

  • Causing bodily injury, whether deliberately or recklessly
  • Threatening another person with bodily injury
  • Making physical contact, whether deliberately or recklessly, that the victim would reasonably find provocative

The criminal justice system takes charges of violence very seriously. Defendants could face charges ranging from a class C misdemeanor to a first-degree felony.

A Helpful Combination Of Family Law And Criminal Law

Mr. Little has a varied legal background that includes both family legal issues and criminal defense. This combination of practice areas is incredibly useful when it comes to domestic violence cases. He understands how to navigate the justice system and the family court system, even when they overlap.

In A Domestic Violence Scenario, Protect Your Rights Today

Your attorney should have both strength and compassion for the emotional time you are experiencing. Mr. Little brings both qualities to the table when he works for you. To receive his help, schedule an initial consultation by calling his Bacliff office at 888-404-0777. You can also contact him online.