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It is said that one of the traits of a good lawyer is their passion for serving others. Since his first job at 13 working at a marina, the calling of attorney Eric R. Little has revolved around serving his community. After more than 20 years, his purpose is clear: to defend the rights of every client that comes to The Law Office of Eric R. Little looking for legal guidance and representation.

Mr. Little is an Ivy League-educated attorney who fights relentlessly for justice. He believes that understanding and addressing the individual needs of his clients are the key to providing effective legal representation services. When you discuss your case at his Bacliff office, he will be attentive to your legal matter and provide an honest evaluation of your circumstances and your possibilities. He will then work tenaciously in developing a personalized strategy for you.

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To Protect and Represent With Honor And Dignity

Mr. Little provides zealous and faithful legal representation to clients who trust their legal matters and issues to him. At The Law Office of Eric R. Little, he provides accurate and ethical legal advice to fight for your rights, assets and loved ones.

The legal services provided encompass the following:

  • Family law matters, including child abduction cases at local and international levels
  • Real estate law, transactions and title defects
  • Criminal law cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious charges and appeals

When it comes to legal matters involving children, he will fight aggressively to protect their best interests. In addition, he understands the value of time and a straightforward solution for the legal issues of his Texas clients. Therefore, he focuses on providing efficient and cost-effective legal solutions based on particular needs.

When you become his client, Mr. Little is not afraid to go to court if needed to fight for you and is willing to work within your budget. Call today to learn how a seasoned and aggressive lawyer can help you overcome your present legal issues to move forward.

Your Liberty Is The Priority

Mr. Little is committed to fighting the battle for you. Call 888-404-0777 or fill out our secure online intake form to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment. Discuss your legal matter in a free and no-obligation initial consultation.