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Can your ex leave for Oklahoma during their parenting time?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Child Abduction

Parental abductions are more common than people realize. More abductions and kidnappings involve family members and people the children previously knew than strangers. Often, the children may not even realize that a crime occurred because they trust the person who takes them.

Contentious divorces can easily lead to custody disputes later, including allegations of parental kidnapping. If your ex has family across state lines in Oklahoma, can they pack up during their parenting time and leave the state with your children?

Your custody order might limit travel and relocations

Technically, under Texas law, parents can do almost anything legal and appropriate during their parenting time. This includes traveling, possibly even leaving the state of Texas. If you worry about parental abduction, then you may have included specific limitations on travel in your parenting plan.

Especially if one parent has ties in another state or country, the custody order you negotiated or litigated may include limitations on travel and relocation. Your ex may need permission from you or the courts to leave the state with the children even temporarily. Such restrictions make it harder for your ex to flee the state to interfere with your parental rights.

If your ex does try to leave with your children, you may have to initiate interstate enforcement efforts. After the children are back in Texas, you may then need to look into a modification of your parenting plan to protect you and them from similar abduction attempts in the future.

Addressing parental abduction if it occurs and preventing it in the first place requires an understanding of Texas laws and interstate rules regarding custody.