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Bad parenting during divorce can affect your child custody case

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorce generally invites a host of unwanted emotions. It is one thing if these feelings only affect you, but when they impact your kids, it becomes a more serious situation.

Maybe you feel angry, hurt and betrayed by your soon-to-be ex. It is normal to experience these emotions, but don’t let them interfere with or change how you parent your children.

Your kids hurt, too

You aren’t the only one suffering the psychological effects of divorce. Your children likely feel emotional, as well. Allowing your pain to get the better of you worsens the situation for your kids (and you). Always remember, they need your guidance to feel secure and loved in their new circumstances.

Conduct to avoid

Psychological pain can affect your behaviors without you realizing it has happened. However, behavioral awareness can help you stay on track with your parenting goals and improve your side of the custody stage of divorce.

Co-parent negativity: Don’t give in to the urge to express your feelings about your ex around the kids. If the court believes it is intentional, you could jeopardize your custody rights.

Authority undermining: Don’t resort to undermining your co-parent’s authority, especially out of spite or revenge. Since family courts disapprove of such conduct, it might threaten your parenting time.

Lashing out: Don’t let your feelings cause you to lash out at your children. Kids are as vulnerable as spouses are during traumatic events like divorce, and the court could view it as a type of abuse.

If you are struggling to cope psychologically with your breakup, consider seeking professional therapy or counseling. It can help you control your emotions while seeking a custody agreement that suits everyone. We also suggest learning more about child custody under Texas law.