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Why you need a parallel parenting plan

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Child Custody

When couples with children divorce, one of the many things they do to prepare for the life alterations is create a child custody agreement. Many parents plan out a co-parenting plan where each parent has a say in how their child is raised. Each parent then takes on their responsibilities and obligations for the well-being of their child.

The well-being of a child is unique to everyone. One parent may agree that their child should go to a private school, while the other parent may state that their child needs a diet that accommodates their allergies. Both of these decisions and more may be included in the custody order.

However, parents may not agree on one right way to raise their children. There may be difficulties coming to a conclusion on how a custody agreement should work or issues where one parent oversteps their boundaries. When this happens, a co-parenting plan may not fit the family dynamic.

Parents may need to consider creating a parallel parenting plan

Much like a co-parenting child custody agreement, a parallel parenting plan establishes what each parent’s rights are over their child. But, instead of working side-by-side with the co-parent, parents have more control over their independent decisions. While bigger decisions are made through limited communication, such as text or email.

The biggest benefit of parallel parenting is that it reduces fighting between parents, which may set a bad example for their children. When setting up a parenting plan, you may want to know about all of your legal options.