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When might a court order supervised visitation?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2022 | Child Custody

Generally, the family courts in Texas prefer both parents to play an active role in bringing up their child. However, their top priority will always be to ensure that the best interests of the child are met. In some cases, it may not be suitable for one parent to have unregulated visits with the child

Supervised visitation occurs when one parent gets to see their child only in a controlled environment and with at least one other responsible adult on hand. There are multiple reasons why this may be necessary, as outlined below.

When abuse is a possibility

If one parent has an established history of either verbal or physical abuse, then the court is likely to consider supervised visitation. Even if there was only one instance or the parent has changed their ways, the court may impose supervised visitation until they are certain that the child is safe.

When one parent is ill

Supervised visitation can occur for numerous reasons, and they aren’t always related to abuse. One parent may have been dealing with a physical or mental health issue, so looking after the child on their own might be a bit much. Supervised visits can be a helpful way to ensure that the parent-child bond remains intact without the compromised parent feeling overwhelmed.

If your current custody order is not suitable for your child then it might be possible to make modifications. These will need to be court-approved and they will always be centered around the best interests of the child. Before requesting a modification, make sure you have sought some legal guidance.