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How your upbringing can influence your parenting approach

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Child Custody

People usually have ideas about what they will do when they have children. Many of the things they plan to do as parents are based on things their own parents did. For some, their upbringing taught them what to do. For others, the lessons were the things they shouldn’t do. 

Differences in upbringing can cause serious issues when a couple embarks on raising children of their own. If that couple decides to divorce, the differences can become a primary source of contention. 

A child’s needs must be met first

In some cases, parents are sometimes so self-involved that they don’t realize the child’s needs must come first. Instead, a parent looks toward the children to fulfill the parent’s needs. Trying to give a parent emotional support shouldn’t fall on the child. 

Another way a parent’s upbringing may impact the way they raise the children deals with expectations. Parents who were raised in strict homes may try to replicate a higher level of control over their children than someone who had a more relaxed upbringing. The parents should work out a joint plan that enables both parents to help the children learn how to become productive adults. 

Many factors go into determining which parent is going to have the primary role of raising the children. While your upbringing might not play a direct role in whether you get custody of your children or not, it does play a definite role in how you raise the children. Making decisions purposefully about everything related to child custody is crucial so the children can have a suitable childhood even throughout the divorce.