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Should you seek pre-divorce legal counsel?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Divorce in Texas

Divorces typically arise in one of two ways: Both spouses decide it’s time to end the marriage, or one spouse surprises the other with divorce papers. Each situation benefits from legal counsel, but if you’re the spouse planning to file, early representation may give you an edge.

Any advantage you obtain can help you walk away from your divorce with a fair settlement for you and your children. Pre-divorce counsel can help you reach a favorable outcome and minimize emotional hardships for your kids.

What are the benefits of pre-counsel?

One advantage many people discount is the opportunity to learn about Texas divorce laws from an authoritative source. The knowledge you gain will guide you in making property and child-related divorce decisions.

Other possible benefits:

  • Clarify your goals. Did you know that many people entering divorce never have end goals other than ending their marriage? Pre-counsel ensures you determine and clarify your goals (child custody, alimony, etc.) to keep you focused and on track.
  • Analyze your options. In Texas, you can seek a traditional divorce or opt for a less adversarial strategy, such as collaborative law. Your counsel can explain these options, allowing you to analyze what might work best for your situation.
  • Identify your risks. Candid discussions with your counsel help you drill down on your topmost concerns and create a plan to address them. For example, if you fear your spouse will hide marital assets or take your kids out of the country, pre-divorce counsel ensures you have planned for possible adversities.

If your divorce is already underway, you can still obtain these and other advantages by consulting with a law professional at any stage of the proceedings.