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3 beneficial steps to consider taking before your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2023 | Divorce in Texas

Breaking up is an emotionally and physically draining process—even more so if you are married and your split involves a divorce. You can probably expect to experience intense grief or sorrow. On top of that, you must deal with the legal elements of divorce.

It can help to create a divorce plan or blueprint to follow, either before filing a divorce petition or shortly after. Consider adding the steps below to your divorce planning checklist to protect your family, assets and sanity.

Create your ideal parenting schedule

Divorcing when you share kids is particularly challenging. However, you might get an edge in your child-related negotiations by creating your version of the ideal parenting time schedule in advance. You will almost certainly need to negotiate on some of your ideas, but having a plan in mind can guide you through the process.

Assess your shared financial accounts

Family courts strive to divide assets and liabilities equally or justly in community property states like Texas. When the court lacks accurate financial information, it may inadvertently order an unfair settlement. For example, if your spouse incurred thousands in credit card debt, you could end up on the hook for more than your fair share of debt.

Understanding your legal options

Unfortunately, many fail to anticipate the complications that commonly arise during a typical divorce. As emotions intensify—and they often do—the risk of spousal disputes and disagreements can increase. Legal counsel may help prevent contentious issues from delaying your divorce or jeopardizing your rights.

An unexpected advantage of a stepped, logical approach is that it may give you something other than your pain to focus on until your divorce concludes.