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How can you avoid international kidnapping after divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Child Abduction

If you have a child with someone who is not a U.S. national, then there is a chance that they may want to return to their country with your child. Even if they have family in the United States and are permanent residents or citizens, they may have family overseas, or outside of the country they’d like to take your child to visit. 

For some families, this isn’t a problem. There is trust, so as good co-parents, both parents set rules and dates for their children to go and return from vacation or visits outside of the country. They stay in communication during their travels and come back on time.

For others, this isn’t the reality. Instead, they may be concerned about their ex-spouse taking their child overseas or outside of the country without permission. Doing this without the legal permission to do so from a court or custody order could be international kidnapping.

How can you prevent international kidnapping?

If you are worried about your ex-spouse taking your child out of the country without permission, you need to speak with your attorney as soon as possible about getting a court order that restricts them from doing so. 

You should notify your attorney if you find evidence that your ex may be planning to run away with your child. Some situations that may raise red flags include if they have suddenly started asking for copies of important school or medical documents, gotten your child a passport or mentioned a trip you weren’t aware of.

A judge can put an order in place preventing the parent from having the legal option to leave with your child. If they go anyway, then report them missing as soon as you can. This will help law enforcement take action to prevent your child from leaving the country.