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Should you seek a legal consultation before deciding to divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Divorce in Texas

Some couples take a long time to decide to get a divorce, while others make this decision much faster. Regardless of how long it takes, most couples want to preserve their marriage and try to do so through couples counseling or therapy.

Other times, one or both spouses take a more proactive approach to the possibility of divorce. They schedule a divorce consultation with a knowledgeable legal professional if efforts to save the marriage have failed.

What benefits does a consultation offer?

A divorce consultation before you make your final decision offers several advantages, especially if you have children. For example, an early consultation helps you learn about Texas child custody laws. If you do end up getting a divorce, the knowledge you gain in child-related matters may ensure an equitable custody order.

Other advantages of a pre-decision consultation include:

  • You will acquire accurate and up-to-date knowledge of all Texas divorce laws
  • You can explore your property settlement options without undue pressure from your spouse or their legal counsel
  • You will learn about your rights when getting divorced or addressing other family law matters (child custody and support, alimony, etc.)
  • You can find out about the expenses associated with a Texas contested or uncontested divorce
  • You will likely feel more confident about your entire situation after a consultation
  • You can discover the meaning of all the legal terms you will hear (child custody is called conservatorship in Texas, for example)

When you get accurate information about divorce and family law, it is your best tool for protecting yourself and your children if ending your marriage becomes inevitable.