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Who will pay for your child’s private school after divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Child Custody

Being a parent isn’t cheap, and the needs of a child can become increasingly expensive as they grow older. Infants really just need food, clothing and diapers, but teens want technology and vehicles, to say nothing of a trendy wardrobe.

All of those daily living expenses may pale in comparison to the tuition fees that are required to have your children attend a private school. After a divorce, which parent will be responsible for paying private school tuition fees or how will the cost be divided?

Your parenting plan should discuss the major expenses

When parents negotiate shared custody and parental responsibilities in a divorce, they should address all known complications, including expenses like private school tuition. If one parent feels very strongly about the children attending a religious school, they may assume responsibility for paying those costs.

The promises parents have made to each other and to the children, the economic circumstances of each parent and the pre-existing schooling arrangements will all affect decisions regarding parental responsibilities in a Texas divorce. However, in all but the highest-income cases, the child support ordered in accordance with Texas guidelines will likely fall well below the costs to keep the children in private school.

While parents could reach their own custody and support agreement outside of court that covers these costs, there is no guarantee that a judge will order your co-parent to cover the educational expenses of private school after your divorce. Having realistic expectations when negotiating your parenting plan can help you secure the best terms possible for you and your children.