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Should you be worried if your ex quits their job?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Child Abduction

Generally speaking, you probably aren’t all that concerned with what your ex does for a career after the divorce. If they quit their job, unless you’re worried about getting child support or alimony, it doesn’t concern you anymore. The divorce has already happened and you are more focused on your own life than theirs. 

However, if the two of you have children together, this type of life change is something that you may want to keep an eye on. It could mean that there’s a potential risk for your child, and you need to know when it’s time to take action.

Is your spouse going to abduct the child?

In some cases when parents are in a contentious custody situation, one parent will attempt to abduct the child. They may then try to move overseas or simply to a different part of the country. Maybe they are unhappy with the custody arrangement that you have in place, maybe they just don’t want you to see the child out of spite or something else of this nature.

Suddenly quitting a job is a serious warning sign because it could mean that they are trying to simplify their life and give themselves the freedom to move. If they’re connected to a job in Texas, they can’t take the child very far away from you. If they quit that job, they could theoretically go seek a new job anywhere else that they want, and it may mean that they’re getting things in order to make this move in the future.

Of course, abduction of a child is illegal, even though that person is the other parent. It’s a violation of your rights and it is very concerning. If you think this is going to happen or if it already has, you must know about your legal options.