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Potential behavioral issues with children post-divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Child Custody

A divorce takes its toll on everyone involved. Often, both spouses have tried to reconcile their relationship, which takes up a lot of emotional effort. Even a more amicable divorce can be trying. 

Adults, however, generally have coping mechanisms in place to help them through tough situations like this. Younger children don’t develop these until later in life, so they can find the separation of their parents especially traumatizing. The trauma of divorce in children often manifests itself outwardly in different types of behavioral issues. Outlined below are a few things you need to watch out for:

Is your child showing unusual amounts of aggression?

Your child has always been easygoing. After the divorce, they’ve been getting into fights at school and snapping at you when you try to talk to them. Signs of aggression could be a sign that your child is struggling to process the divorce. By utilizing effective communication with the child’s school, as well as your co-parent, you should be able to assist your child in beginning to feel like themselves again. 

Is your child suddenly acting withdrawn? 

Aggression is not the only sign that your child is struggling. If your child is usually outgoing and sociable, but they’ve become isolated and withdrawn after the divorce, then they may need some help. Divorce commonly takes its toll on a child’s self-esteem, and they are prone to blaming themselves at times. By working together, you and your co-parent can take proactive measures to reassure the child so they can start to feel better about themselves again.  

Divorce can be traumatic for children, but the good news is that you can tackle emotional issues head-on before they become long-term. A good co-parenting relationship will be essential to this process. If you’re struggling to make your co-parenting relationship work, and it’s impacting your child, make sure you explore your legal options