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2 mistakes you want to avoid when accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Disagreements among spouses happen all the time. Sometimes, these altercations can become extremely emotional and tense. However, when things get out of control leading to physical violence, then the law may be involved.

Being charged with domestic violence in Texas is something you do not want to take lightly. Even if the case doesn’t go to trial, an accusation alone can tear your family apart, threaten your career and ruin your hard-earned reputation. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is in your best interest that you avoid the following mistakes:

Doing nothing

This is a common mistake, especially if the accusation is false. However, your charges will not go away by simply ignoring them. By sitting back and doing nothing, you will be giving your accuser adequate time to build their case against you. With so much on the line, it is important that you prepare to defend yourself with the aggressiveness that it deserves.

Confronting your accuser

As soon as you learn about the domestic violence claims against you, it is important that you cease all forms of contact – physical or electronic – with your accuser. Perhaps, the incident happened while you were drunk and you feel the need to reach out and settle the matter. Any form of contact with your accuser can backfire and lead to further trouble. Besides, what you say to your accuser during those contacts can be used against you during the trial. If you have to contact your accuser, be sure to do so in the presence of your legal counsel.

A domestic violence accusation (whether true or false) can turn your life upside down. Find out how you can effectively defend yourself and protect your rights when charged with domestic violence in Texas.