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How to make Halloween work for your kids after your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Child Custody

Specific dates on the calendar can throw your standard custody plan into doubt. Halloween is the next of these in line.

For many children, going out with their parents to collect sweets is a big deal. Roaming the streets in their carefully chosen costume and seeing everyone else out in theirs is a fun night out. What’s more, it’s an excuse to stay up later than is normally allowed.

You probably had your annual Halloween routine when you were married, but how will it work now you have split up? That is up to you, but as with anything related to your kids, you should consider the child’s best interest as your guiding principle.

Let’s say your child is due to be with you this Halloween night, but your co-parent was the one that traditionally took care of the event. You have a few choices:

Use your divorce as a chance to create a new routine

Maybe you never felt you were as good as your spouse at dressing your child up. Yet, to a large degree, it’s the thought that counts. Your child is unlikely to judge you for applying their face paint a little wonky, provided you enter the occasion in the right spirit. If you have a fun night out together, that’s what they’ll remember.

Make an exception to the parenting schedule

Maybe you hate Halloween. If your spouse loves it, why not let them take your child for the night, even if it is your turn? You can even use that as a bargaining point to trade for a day you do want.

Give your child two outings

Few kids will turn down the opportunity to go out twice if it means getting even more sweets. You could take the kids around your neighborhood first, and your spouse could walk them around their area later.

This kind of cooperative co-parenting is not always easy to achieve. Getting help to handle your divorce with as little conflict as possible makes it more likely you can.