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The warning signs of parental abduction 

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Child Abduction

Many parents believe they can do anything they want with their children and that their actions have no consequences. This isn’t always the case, especially during a divorce.

An issue seen in some Texas custody battles and divorce cases is one parent taking the children and disappearing. This is called parental kidnapping, and the parent who does this may be charged with a crime, even though the child is theirs. 

Knowing the signs that parental kidnapping may happen is essential. The warning signs can help you act to ensure your ex-spouse and children don’t disappear. 

Your ex has threatened to take your children in the past

Has your spouse stated they will take the kids if you divorce them in the past? While they may not have left with the kids then, it may be possible if you move forward and file for divorce. 

Your co-parent has no ties to the local area

Does your spouse have family members living somewhere else? Do they have family abroad? Was the only thing keeping them in the area you and your children? If so, there is a possibility they will flee with the children and go where their family is located. 

Your divorce was particularly hostile

Divorce is rarely pleasant. However, for some couples, it can get hostile and vicious. If this happens, your spouse may consider taking the children just out of spite or to hurt you. 

Both parents have a right to see their children, even after a divorce. In most cases, courts will not award sole custody to one parent unless there are extenuating circumstances, like a history of abuse, criminal record or something similar. You have legal rights if you suspect parental abuse may happen or if it has occurred.