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How co-parenting disputes can arise

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Child Custody

During and after a divorce, parents usually try new parenting skills that perhaps they didn’t get to show while in the marriage. However, even though this can be advantageous, raising kids with opposing values can be harmful. 

Co-parenting offers considerable benefits, but it may fail if parents can’t agree on how to take care of the kids. You should be a team player by respecting the other parent’s ways and vice versa. 

Here are three things that might result in disputes.

Allowing things not accepted in the other house

Parents should be on the same page about what the kids can and cannot do in both homes. Allowing things that are not accepted in the other house may undermine a parent’s parenting. If you disagree with a rule, talk to the other parent before dismissing it.

Not punishing a child

When your child misbehaves when with the other parent, they will punish them and inform you of their behavior. When they come to visit, you should address this issue and punish them as started with the other parent. If they are grounded, the discipline should still be active in your home. Changing or reducing punishment may lead to disputes.

Disrespecting their parenting 

Of course, you may not agree with every parenting style of the other parent. But you should not disrespect them, more so before the kids. It will be best to acknowledge their approaches. Besides, different parenting styles can help your kids adapt better to life. Nonetheless, you should agree on the crucial aspects.

You need to respect the other parent’s parenting skills. However, if they don’t do the same for you, threatening your relationship with the kids, consider getting legal help to make the right moves.